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July 27, 2022 No Comments Technology Adam E. Williams

All across the business world, the year 2022 has unfortunately come to be defined by disruption. It’s happening everywhere. Price increases are making it difficult for companies to secure the raw materials they need. Unrest in international relations is making an economic impact as well. And of course, a global pandemic rages on, which makes for a constant threat to business continuity.

In light of all of this, business leaders are realizing the importance of workplace modernization. When everything you do is being disrupted constantly, it’s important to have an approach to work that’s lean, mean, and above all nimble. Technology, of course, can help with that.

And it’s not just about adapting to what’s happening today – preparing for tomorrow is equally crucial. According to HR Zone, “future proofing” is one of the hottest topics in business today. Mike Baker, VP of sales and account management at Cornerstone OnDemand, explained that corporate leaders are looking to rethink their technology choices and the skill sets of their workforce, all in an effort to protect themselves against future disruption.

“Talent leaders are now looking at their business strategy and using tech to analyze whether they have enough of the right skills geared for that future,” Baker said. “Surfacing opportunities internally can be beneficial, as it allows for better on-the-job learning, employees get to try out new career moves, instead of the longer cycle period of finding, hiring, and training a fresh recruit.”

So what does your organization’s future-proofing strategy look like? If you’re like most, you’re preparing for what lies ahead using a combination of technology and people. From a tech perspective, you can use new innovations like automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to design agile new tools that will lead your business forward. In terms of people, it’s important to train the workforce to adapt a future-ready mindset. They need soft skills like adaptability, resiliency, and a willingness to learn new skills as necessary.

At Zones, we believe that having the capability to succeed tomorrow begins with having the right tools to work effectively today. That’s the idea behind our Remote Worker Solution, which is a complete package of IT services designed to make life easier for a distributed workforce. No matter what disruptions your teams are dealing with, we’ll give you the IT necessary to get through them. Our solutions include Shipping & Logistics for overcoming supply chain challenges, Technical Support for any end user IT difficulties, and Endpoint Security Management to address any cyberthreats head-on. With Zones in your corner, you’ll be fully prepared for whatever comes next.

At Zones, we have made Workplace Modernization a priority for all of our clients, consistently, for over 30 years. It’s always been important, but it’s even more so right now, as businesses worldwide face an unprecedented level of disruption. If you decide your organization is in need of a little “future-proofing” help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll be ready to work with you on solutions that will lead you forward with confidence into a new era.

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