About Me
Love me some Emerald City!
Love me some Emerald City!

My Approach

I believe at coming at any situation in a straight-forward, honest fashion. Being responsive and driven to facilitate any solution is also key. Taking into account others drives, needs, and desires should always be considered and assessed, and then addressed with compassion and integrity to achieve ultimately a "win-win" situation. Being authentic and real brings forth trust a whole lot faster than being "slick" or pushy.

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My Story

I was born in Seattle, Washington and live in the area still. I come from a loving family, with a father that was an educator for 40 years and a mother that was dedicated to the aviation industry. I have had the privilege of being able to live and travel abroad at an early age and learn a great deal about people and cultures. Learning and success have always been ingrained in me and I continuously strive to learn, whether it is product knowledge, culture, or just going back to school. If you aren't learning, you aren't living!

Other Fun Details

Game Face: Leadership and Management. Strategic Vision and Development. Brand Development and Positioning. Business Development and Sales Management. Start Up Strategist. Dedicated to the Game.

Soft Side: Techno Geek Epicurean. Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Movies. Classic Literature. Philosophy. World Traveler. Gypsy Seeking a Place to Call Home. Half Blind Billiard Adept. Hedonist to the Simplest of Life's Pleasures. Passionate Dreamer. Staunch Friend. Hard-lined Optimist. Empathetic Goofball Eternal.

Psychobabble: ENFP: Extravert(33%) iNtuitive(75%) Feeling(25%) Perceiving(22%). Click for more information. Socio-political leanings much closer to Mahatma Gandhi and the Dalai Lama. Risk-taker. Free Thinker. Pusher of Envelopes and Lover of Cats.

Goals: To continually learn new skills and knowledge. To bring new, innovative ideas and strategies for success in all aspects of my life, professional and personal.

Don't forget the Three F's

Life isn't all about work, and neither am I. Aside from the principles of Integrity, Creativity, and Perseverance I also strive to live by the Three F's - Family, Friends and Fun! These ideals also work their way naturally into my work-life, because a good solid team can be some of your best friends and family, and a hard day's work doesn't mean it can't be fun. Laughter and fun is an amazing medicine for stress, after all.







Next Steps...

Reach out to me to learn how I can assist you in my current endeavor or as a valued member of your team!