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November 20, 2019 No Comments Education, Entertainment Adam E. Williams

I was stoked for Disney Plus from the get-go (after begrudgingly getting over the fact that I would be adding yet another streaming service to my monthly bills). To be honest, I was all about the fact that I get all my Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney in one spot, whenever I have a desire to geek out. So, Disney Plus, yeah, absolutely. Done.

Like most of my Star Wars/Marvel/Disney fan-friends, I was also extremely excited for The Mandalorian. Hello??? Bounty hunters! And, yes, it is awesome to be sure! Like Star Wars meets Spaghetti Westerns! Futuristic Louis L’amour. If you haven’t seen the first two episodes (they come out weekly for the most part), I highly recommend it!

But, after doing some show browsing, running across a few new Disney Plus Only shows, I came across the new series, Marvel’s Hero Project. A great sounding, heart-warming show dealing with exceptional kids. Sounds cool enough. Oh Man, was I wrong! Don’t get confused, this series is absolutely heartwarming (heck, I teared up in both of the two episodes available now). It is also so much more.

The first episode, featuring Jordan, a limb-different young girl highlights the absolute power of Will and drive to live life truly honestly. Honest in the knowing that being physically different is also a part of what makes us unique as humans. Her drive to create and enrich the world as an equal and for others that are seen as perhaps less able due to such physical differences is powerfully inspiring. It brought forth a twinge of sadness initially as I recalled as a kid thinking that nothing was impossible and then life becomes a little more tarnished. But then in hardly no time, the telling of this amazing girl’s journey and her striving to create and empower others like herself reignited that part of me that also still believes that you can achieve anything and those differences between us all are truly powerful benefits in creating a better future for us all.

And then we get to the second episode! This kid, born it seems with an almost preternatural ability to be a preacher, in rural North Carolina is something else! After the death of his father and then learning of a friend dealing with abuse at home, this powerful little orator takes to fighting child abuse, organizing marches and inspiring his entire community for change! The perseverance, leading through inspiring, and total belief in one’s ability to make change no matter your age or size – this kid has all kinds of chops!

Marvel’s Hero Project is, to me, the best thing I have come across yet on Disney Plus! Seeing these amazing kids doing amazing things is something we all need to have in our lives. We need to remember that we are still creative, able to effect positive changes in our lives and the lives of those around us, and bring to the world a better future than the present. Marvel hit upon a very important fact: That while most heroes we see on screen today are from comics, these kids are real heroes that comics are made of!

Oh! and yes, I really do love The Mandalorian as well! Just in case you haven’t had a chance to get a taste of this series, check out the trailer!

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